Now Offering TIPS Training

Recently, I earned my TIPS training certification to expand my industry service offerings. I had previously completed the online training as a tasting room pourer.

The trainer certification course takes place in-person over the course of two days. Two days of learning about safe alcohol service and reasonable action does not, at the outset, sound exhilarating. Yet, it was an amazing experience. We went through the course material twice, once as students and once as instructors. In-person training encourages reflection, discussion and relationship-building. I hope to provide a similar, albeit shorter, course for your winery staff soon.

The ability to discuss difficult situations and to act out potential solutions provides insight and practice difficult to glean from an online tutorial. While the online version is convenient, the in-person course engages team members, encourages them to reflect on difficult situations, and empowers them to handle future challenges more effectively.

If you are interested in setting up an in-person TIPS training course for your team, please contact me at

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