Grapes in the vineyard at sunset
Wine bottles on rack

The Story

I founded Study & Swirl in 2016. With experience in production and retail, I have seen wine go from vine to bottle to your table. Wine is nothing more than fermented juice, and it is so much more than that.




Why Study & Swirl?

Study: to apply one's mind purposefully &
Swirl: to cause to move with a whirling motion

How fortunate an opportunity when we can apply these verbs to wine! Exercise one's mind, and also one's nose and one's tongue.

Swirl & Release new aromas

Re-observe & Reflect

Sip your wine & Share the experience of tasting.


Meet the Founder

Founder Stacy Brody at vineyard in Chile

Stacy Brody


Enjoying the afternoon at a vineyard in Chile

As a kid, I was towed along to wineries in the Finger Lakes region of New York. We have family up there. My dad is a Cornell alum. Each time we went, my parents would bring my sister and me. We'd all take tours of wineries around the lakes. I enjoyed the tasting rooms that served grape juice.

Fast forward.

I studied agriculture and plant science at Rutgers University, landing an internship at Unionville Vineyards in Ringoes (near Lambertville), NJ. I was officially a "cellar rat", cleaning out tanks, hosing down barrels, slipping capsules on bottle necks at the bottling line. It wasn't be any means a glamorous gig. I loved it. Moving from cellar to office, I became Operations Coordinator.

To explore a different side of the industry, I transitioned into retail. At the wine store, I offered samplings and seminars.

I founded Study & Swirl to bring this learning opportunity to your home. Gather your friends, family, and, maybe, a few cats.

Call All Your Friends

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